Healthcare Solutions

The Joxel Group provides EHR solutions and Revenue Cycle Management services to Behavioral Health facilities in the public and private sector.


Retirement Services and Pension Solutions

The Joxel Group specializes in retirement services and pension solutions for agencies that manage public pension funds.


Assisting Behavioral Healthcare Entities Like Yours

The Joxel Group works closely with public and private healthcare facilities to provide healthcare solutions, optimization of clinical and billing workflow to best practices, revenue cycle management, analytics for effective clinical and financial outcome measurement, and population health services. We have extensive experience with selecting and implementing EMR solutions that fit perfectly within a facility’s technology infrastructure while positively impacting the business. We will help you assess your technology needs and select and implement the right EHR solution, providing comprehensive support along the way.

Assisting Your Business With Retirement Solutions

The Joxel Group works exclusively with agencies focused on public pension funds. Having worked in public fund settings for many years, we are very familiar with the regulatory requirements for calculations, financial management of fund spending, liability projections within a fund, and processes that organizations should use for effective financial management of their pension funds.

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