Retirement and Pension Solutions

Pension System Estimates, Validation and Analytics for Your Organization

The Joxel Group works exclusively with agencies working in publicly-funded settings. We are focused on addressing the needs of these agencies by providing estimates, calculations, validation, reports for actuarial analysis, and executive reporting on cost analysis.

Functional, Technical, and System Implementation Audits

The regulatory requirements and needs of a publicly-funded agency are very complex, as manifested in both the creation of a pension system and maintaining an on-going system that is constantly evolving. Our audits start with validating the following:

  • Processes and rules to understand the level of functional capability within the system.
  • Processes and rules to understand the quality assurance of the system to ensure business rules are codified in the system accurately.
  • Technical environment to ensure the system addresses the business and regulatory needs of the business.

RFP Creation and Vendor Selection

Our methodology creates process flows to jump start the creation of an RFP in the publicly-funded agency. Based on our knowledge and relationships with software vendors in this area, we can ensure the appropriate vendors participate in this process. Our scoring mechanism can be customized to ensure you are utilizing the appropriate criteria during the RFP selection process. After you select the vendor, we can assist with contract negotiations to ensure the process and documentation conforms to your best interests.

Pension and Benefit Implementation

Our methodology uses an agile process to ensure the pension system implementation utilizes change management and iterative processes to ensure success. Our implementation methodology uses best practices to jump start various stages of the implementation to complete the entire process quickly and effectively.

Co-Development Team Management and Execution

The concept of co-development was introduced to allow clients without advanced IT support to address changing regulatory and business needs in a cost-effective manner. This co-development model allows clients and software vendors to work in a collaborative manner, with most of the development work done by the client. This model also allows clients to get a virtual team of project managers, business analysts, technical analysts, developers, and testers for a fraction of the cost of hiring individual resources themselves.

Operational Efficiency and Financial Validation Analytics

Regulatory and financial metrics within your business can help you proactively manage your business performance. We have assisted clients by gathering insight on life-cycle processes from estimation to retirement payouts to understand how to optimize processes. In addition, we help provide visibility on financials so that clients can understand potential future liability issues.

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