Joxel Team Building


Written by: Yancy Suber



When you have a good chunk of your team working off-site, how do you keep them feeling connected to the “Mother Ship”? Company meeting you say, nope. The company intranet, nope. A company-wide email, you guessed it, nope. I’ll tell you how, you put together a team building event and for good measure, make attendance mandatory. Just kidding, hopefully they will want to attend. At the Joxel Group, there are several lines of business that we offer, implement and support for our customers. This results in some of our team members working off-site, in order to meet those needs of our customers.


“Let’s see, let me see, your egg is safe.”

” Your egg’s safe too.”

” What about yours? Y ‘up your egg made it and so did yours.”

I was in disbelief. Four drops and no cleanup necessary. Wow! Who would have thought, I didn’t.

When I was asked by my leadership team to facilitate a team building event, part of me was extremely excited and another part of me was like,

“Uh oh, what am I going to do?”

Out on the web, you’ll find a multitude of team building event choices. From the simple to the complex, your choices are endless. What did I want to accomplish with this team building event? Well, there are the standards, learning to work together, developing problem solving skills, developing time management skills and how to delegate, to name a few. After thinking about it, I figured out that I just wanted my coworkers to have fun with their co-workers they haven’t seen in awhile and hopefully, the standard lessons would just fall into place.

I divided my co-workers into groups of three. The task was to create a contraption that would protect an egg from a drop of about 15 to 20 feet. Each group had to pick a team captain who was responsible for getting the supplies for their team, from the supply room. I predetermined what supplies they could and couldn’t use. The teams had 30 minutes to complete the task. Between the captains running back and forth from the supply room, loud laughter, and me trying to make sure every team was obeying the rules, it was finally time to drop.

“To the drop zone!” I shouted.

We all marched outside, wearing our plastic hard hats with our company logo stuck to the front of them, laughing and poking fun at each other’s contraption. One of my co-workers was laughing uncontrollably as she compared her team’s contraption to the others.

Time for lift off. Mission accomplished and now pizza. Next time we’ll drop the eggs from 30 to 40 feet.