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If you want to know something, just ask. That’s what I’ve always been told. So, I am taking it upon myself to ask questions of my fellow co-workers, so that you, the reader, can get to know them, and in turn get to know our company. Founded in 2006, The Joxel Group is a Milwaukee based Management Consulting Firm, that works closely with public and private behavioral health facilities as well as publicly funded pension agencies. Getting back to the questions, several were presented to a Joxel team member for their review, reflection and ultimately, their answers.

Scott Calvert

Clinical Strategist, The Joxel Group LLC

Scott Calvert joined the Joxel Team in November of 2016, and currently serves as the Clinical Strategist for our company.  Due to his considerable amount of knowledge and experience on the clinical side of healthcare, Scott can provide valuable ideas, insights, and solutions to our customers.

Now, let’s get to know Scott!

What prompted you to go into nursing?

I started in healthcare as an Army combat medic, eventually becoming a Medic Section Chief running a Battalion Aid Station/Ambulance Crew.  I really enjoyed the experiences and went back to school to be a nurse.  Afterwards, I worked as an emergency room RN for 10 years, later branching into staff education and clinical informatics over the course of the next 10.

How has your nursing experience helped you in your role of Clinical Strategist at The Joxel Group?

Having a clinical background is invaluable when helping clients navigate the IT environment.  I’ve held leadership roles in numerous EHR implementations over the last 15 years, and my experiences working with the staff in these areas have been the most transformational.  As a Clinical Strategist, I combine my clinical background with IT expertise to ensure that, as we create solutions for each client’s unique clinical workflows, we add value that is not only supported by technology but also driven by clinical process.

If you could describe yourself in three words, which three words would you use?

Determined. Practical. Curious.

How do you unplug?  

I usually listen to music while I run and have playlists for different distances.  If I’m going out for a couple hours, I usually start with some soft classical, move to bluegrass, then classic rock, and end with some 80’s metal.  I’m still trying to find a bridge between classical and bluegrass but haven’t found it yet.  I also spend time at our family farm, which has become more of a natural prairie and oak savanna than a farm at this point.  There is no cell signal, no electricity, no lights, and no traffic.  My wife and I have been taking our daughters out there since they were little and are always refreshed, whether by a brisk, breezy morning, an absolute stillness at dusk, or the sights of the Milky Way Galaxy at night.

What are three things people don’t know about you?  

  1. I don’t own a microwave.  Food heated up in a microwave tastes awful, and you can heat water just as fast in a kettle.
  2. I qualified to run in the Boston Marathon the second year I started running long distance.  I bought plane tickets and hotel reservations for Boston a year before qualifying, then ran a qualifying marathon time with eight seconds to spare.
  3. I tried replacing an automatic transmission in an old car of mine once but had no idea what I was doing.  After a few weeks of trying, I had the car towed to the junkyard on a flatbed knowing my lot in life was not to be an auto mechanic.  I did acquire an impact wrench and air-compressor in the process, which was a nice tradeoff though.

What does integrity mean to you?

Integrity means never having to worry about what you did or said, because it was always the right thing to do.

 What does customer service mean to you? 

Customer services is about forming relationships.  Until you get to know a client and their business needs, it is impossible to fully determine and effectively communicate their optimal path for improvement.  I strive to enable our customers to make the best decisions that will benefit them and their businesses.

If there was one aspect of the Healthcare Industry that you could change or fix, what would that item be? 

Access to healthcare is one of the biggest challenges we face, whether it is lack of coverage, lack of services, or lack of knowledge.  No single person among us has all the answers, but there are many of us, each with their own part, working on these issues. I truly enjoy collaborating with others that are doing their best to effect the changes in their arenas that contribute to improving access across the industry.

Thank you, Scott, for taking the time to participate in our Joxel Spotlight Q&A Session. Your hard work and dedication to The Joxel Group is Greatly Appreciated!!!

Sushil Pillai

Founder, CEO and President, The Joxel Group LLC

What inspired you to start The Joxel Group?

I have worked in Management Consulting for many years and gained many insights along the way. While I had many ideas for the type of organization I would want to build, I was looking for a sign that this was the direction I should take. Almost during overlapping periods, I was provided an opportunity to independently run a branch of a company and I met an individual who urged me to bring my vision to fruition. This was the sign I was looking for, and after over 10 years, I’m glad I took it and ran with it.

How have your experiences in life prepared you for running your own business?

Working with clients in different industries and transforming their businesses have not only given me the confidence to run my own business, but have also given me the tools to run it successfully in varying client settings.

What has surprised you most about being a business owner?

As a business owner, there are multiple areas that you must focus. What surprised me the most was the time it took to relinquish control of my responsibilities while trying to grow the business. To address this challenge, It starts with identifying leadership within your organization that can be mentored to be entrepreneurs and part of the management team. Then delegating responsibilities to the management team so that you can start to focus on complementary business areas for growth.

If you could describe yourself in three words, which three words would you use?

Non-traditional, Perseverant, and Gregarious.

How do you unplug?

Cheer for my favorite football team, watch Historical or Sci-fi movies, play tennis, do yoga, and spend quality time with my family and chocolate Lab.

What are three things people don’t know about you?

I have a dream about starting my own coffee shop. I love watching cooking shows and enjoy experimenting and improvising in the kitchen for potential recipes. I love brewing beer with an Indian flair and enjoy creating new cocktails.

What does integrity mean to you?

I view integrity as how a person conducts himself/herself from a position of sincerity even when nobody else is watching. This includes approaching and solving a problem in a manner that generates the greatest benefit to society.

I would like to thank Sushil for taking time out to provide us with some insights about himself and The Joxel Group. The seed has been planted and future Q & A segments, with other Joxel team members, will add to the readers growth in knowledge about our company. Stay Tuned…