Mission, Vision, Core Values

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Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

The Joxel Group serves Behavioral Health facilities as well as publicly-funded pension agencies by assisting with specific solutions targeted towards generating business value to the organization.


To build an execution-oriented culture focused on generating value across all sects of the business.


To be an organization that is driven to innovate, achieve quality results, and enhance the lives of the people we serve.

Core Values

  • Innovation
    Continuously enhance service delivery to reduce the cost and time of execution.
  • Leadership
    Uphold a highest standard of professionalism and responsibility while performing on behalf of the client’s unique needs.
  • Integrity
    Driven by an ethical incentive to provide our clients with high moral solutions that benefit their business and community.
  • Client-Specific Value Creation
    Build lasting relationships while improving customers’ business performance and reduce their business risk.