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Everything You Need to Make Your Behavioral Health Organization Successful

The Joxel Group focuses on addressing the needs within the behavioral health market – crisis, inpatient, outpatient, and organizations that outsource services to contract providers.

We specialize in the following services:

RFP Creation and Vendor Selection

Our methodology creates process flows to jump start the creation of an RFP in the behavioral setting. Based on our knowledge and relationships with software vendors in the behavioral health arena, we can ensure the appropriate vendors participate in this process. Our scoring mechanism can be customized to ensure you are leveraging the appropriate criteria during the RFP selection process. After vendor selection, we can assist with contract negotiations to ensure the process and documentation conforms to your best interests.

EHR Implementation

Our methodology uses an agile process to ensure the EHR implementation utilizes change management and iterative processes to ensure success. Our implementation approach uses best practices to jump start various stages of the implementation to complete the entire process quickly and effectively.

Audit of Clinical or Financial Outcomes

EHR implementations go through cycles before truly gaining success. We have seen implementations that have struggled without achieving the clinical or financial outcomes desired. Our audit methodology focuses on determining gaps in the clinical and financial areas of an implementation so that organizations can get back on track.

Revenue Cycle Management

When an organization’s billing functions are optimized and generating the appropriate revenue, the organization can begin to focus on revenue cycle management. The Joxel Group methodology extends from billing optimization to gaining insight into vendor costs, performance-based expectations, and industry standards.

Population Health Management

With regulatory changes in the industry, existing billing strategies will shift to a high risk/high reward model. Organizations that have a better understanding of their population regarding clinical and financial outcomes will be better poised to maximize revenue. Our process leverages analytics to gain this type of insights into your company to ensure you gain better visibility of how to manage this population.

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