About Us

Learn About The Joxel Group

The Joxel Group is a Management Consulting firm that works closely with public and private behavioral health facilities as well as publicly funded pension agencies. Our company is driven by two key value propositions: to create a measurable strategy to organizations as a key differentiator in their marketplace and to leverage information technology as a competitive advantage in running their businesses.

Our behavioral health practice works with clients to provide EMR implementation services, revenue cycle management, and population health management services. All of these services are intended to provide insight that organizations can use to focus on leveraging technology to enhance patient care while maximizing billings.

Through our pension practice, we provide pension system implementation services, compliance management, and analytics for operational and financial efficiencies. All of these services are intended to assist organizations with their decision-making as it relates to regulatory compliance.

Healthcare Solutions

We assist behavioral health facilities with EMR software selection and implementation.

Population Health Management

We provide population health management solutions to public and private healthcare facilities.

Software Selection

We will help you select the right EMR or pension software solution for your facility and support you during implementation.

Retirement Services and Pension Solutions

The Joxel Group specializes in retirement services and pension solutions.

Our Story

The Joxel Group was founded in 2006 with the intent of creating a management consulting firm that was more industry-specific and focused on enhancing the client’s goals and increasing business efficiency. Our purpose is to leverage business and technical insight to ensure our clients are fully aware of the decisions they make while focusing on the long-term growth of their organizations.

Our industry focus is limited to behavioral health and pension agencies because, rather than being a “jack of all trades,” we want to understand the detailed operations of our clients so that we can make a sustainable impact on their organization. Specialization allows us to become well-acquainted with the business trends and technology innovations in these industries to ensure that we can continue to improve our processes and execution strategies to generate cost-effective solutions for our clients.